Irish Draught

    Stargazey Farms is a small holding nestled in the hills of Ohio devoted to the breeding, and preservation of the Irish Draught. We pride ourselves on breeding Irish Draughts that are true to type, with phenomenal bloodlines, conformation and temperaments.

    Our mission at Stargazey Farms is to promote the Irish Draught Breed in America through breeding, education and sharing our experience with horse lovers. As we begin our project in 2012, we hope to provide the Irish Draught community with information about our program and encourage enthusiasm to see this rare breed flourish

in the future. The Irish Draught is respected as the national horse of Ireland, a nation respected for their love of horses. We hope our mission to promote this breed in American brings the Irish Draught close to the hearts of horse lovers, not only in America, but throughout the world.

At Stargazey Farms, we aim to produce great horses. We are planning programs to include farm visits, riding and competitions which will be open to everybody who is interested in Irish Draughts. We especially welcome meeting people who are looking to add a Draught to their equine family.

I am yet to meet someone who doesn't fall in love with the Irish Draught instantly. We hope your first encounter with the Irish Draught will also be 'love at first sight'.